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the A-files debates

Frustrated by the superstition, nonsense and feeble-minded dogma spouted by christians these days? Ever wish you could go six rounds with one in a bout of verbal sparring? Well, don't just stand there - get in the ring!

If you wish to take part in a debate, then e-mail us with your details and which of the topics below in particular you would like to handle (or choose one of your own). We will match you with a suitable sparring partner, and then it's seconds out for round one!

The debates will take the form of e-mail exchanges, with each party allowed a maximum of 4 e-mails. The full text of the debate will then be reproduced as it unfolds on these pages. No holds barred. No textual editing (other than for legal reasons) will take place.

Creationist in Aberdeen wishes to debate with Darwinian evolutionist on the subject of the universe's beginnings. Christian in Glasgow challenges you to debate on the thorny issue of sex before marriage. Invitation to debate on historical veracity of Jesus' alleged resurrection.

Please contact me on: iain@wordjam.org