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the A-files poll results

If you are a freethinker, rationalist, humanist, agnostic or atheist and haven't yet filled in the questionnaire, please take the time to do so now. Otherwise, "we asked one hundred people the following questions. Our survey says -"

Total number of responses to date: 9

Q1. Are you...

atheist 5 agnostic 3 deist 0 pantheist 1 other 0

Q2. What (if any) supernatural phenomena do you believe in?

angels 0 crystals 0 demons 0 fortune telling 0
ghosts 0 god(s) 0 heaven 0 hell 0
horoscopes 0 miracles 0 ouija boards 0 psychic powers 0
reincarnation 0 the resurrection 0 satan 0 tarot cards 1
other 0 none 6

Q3. What (if anything) happens after death?

everybody goes to heaven 0 good people go to heaven 0 the saved in Christ go to heaven 0
nothing 9 nirvana 0 other 0 not sure 0

Q4. Do you think christians are ...

boring 1 caring 1 committed 2 dull 0
dangerous 1 different 1 hypocrites 2 irrelevant 1
judgemental 2 misguided 3
I'm not going to pass judgement on a group so large and with such a diversity of beliefs 2

Q5. What do you think of christian beliefs?

fairy tale 4 boring 0 copycat 3 other 2

Q6. Is your life better than it would be as a christian?

yes, I have more freedom 3 yes, I am not living in false hope 3 yes, I have an easier life 1
life is neither better nor worse 1 no, my life is worse than it would be 1 not sure 0

Q7. If you don't believe in a god or gods, what is the reason(s) for your disbelief?

hypocrisy of christians 3 scientific evidence 6 historical + archaeological
evidence 5
suffering and pain
in the world 5
errors and inconsistencies
in the bible 7
not sure 1

Q8. Who was Jesus?

a conman 0 a good teacher 2 a myth 2
a madman 0 the son of god 0 a prophet 0
none of the above 5

Q9. Messages for the A-files -

... too few options ... the poll is biased ... christians are the same as everyone else ... I do not believe there is any way to know the truth ... Christians try to force their beliefs onto me ... they will not change my mind ... found too many errors and inconsistencies and lies in it ... because of diligent study of the Bible I had to quit ... cannot believe most people are hoodwinked from cradle to grave with weird unproven and even assinine belief systems without an iota of fact ...

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